Honor Tribunal


Category 1 (Severe case and needs our URGENT attention):

  1. Bullying
  2. Cheating
  3. Plagiarism
  4. Constant Defiance (actions that disrupt the teacher’s ability to teach effectively)
  5. Actions that cause students or teachers to feel unsafe or unhappy at school
  6. Lying (purposeful and not miscommunication)

Category 2 (Less severe but still has urgency):

  1. Continuous Ditching
  2. Lying (result of miscommunication and misunderstanding)

Category 3 (Least severe and may be mediated)

  1. Behavioral issues
  2. Inappropriate language
  3. 4th Tardy for specific class

*These are suggested categories and are up to the discretion of faculty, Principal Flores, and/or Tribunal*